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namerankexperienceReady to job fromStatus
Aleksej SkocilovSecond Engineer6unknownIn Reserve
Oleg PovitkinSecond Engineer62020.05.01In Reserve
Ivan RomashchenkoSecond Engineer>102016.07.01In Reserve
Yuriy MorozSecond Engineer-READYIn Reserve
Ihor BoikoSecond Engineer>10ASAPIn Reserve
Sergey SerdyukovSecond Engineer102005.03.18In Reserve
Valery YevdokimovSecond Engineer-2003.12.05In Reserve
Arkadjus PoliakovasSecond Engineer5unknownIn Reserve
Andrey AnufriyevSecond Engineer815.05.09In Reserve
Andriy ProkopovSecond Engineer72020.03.05In Reserve
Viacheslav ChernyshevSecond Engineer>102008.03.01In Reserve
Stoffer KrolSecond Engineer-2005.10.25In Reserve
MYKOLA TSARYNNYSecond Engineer-2008.03In Reserve
Serhiy KopytsaSecond Engineer-27.02.2015In Reserve
Roman Syomushkin SyomushkinSecond Engineer-26/11/2019In Reserve
Igor PlotnikovSecond Engineer72007.08.20In Reserve
Maxim AksenovSecond Engineer-2018-08-10In Reserve
John JaianiSecond Engineer42009.02.01In Reserve
Sergiy DyachenkoSecond Engineer52009.01.30In Reserve
mohammad baradaieSecond Engineer22008.04.23In Reserve
OLEG BONDARENKOSecond Engineer-unknownIn Reserve
Sergiy KotlyarSecond Engineer42016-04-02In Reserve
Oleksandr HoldobinSecond Engineer>102018-05-14In Reserve
Khaytoliyev TokhirSecond Engineer92016.09.01On Board
Yakov MusiychukSecond Engineer101.02.2019In Reserve
Valentyn OrdaSecond Engineer-unknownIn Reserve
Sergiy MamonenkoSecond Engineer5NOWIn Reserve
Denys DesyatovSecond Engineer8unknownIn Reserve
Sergii KryginSecond Engineer902.07.2019On Board
VYACHESLAV BEKIROVSecond Engineer6unknownIn Reserve
Nikolay NachevSecond Engineer52007.09.10In Reserve
Oleg KhodkoSecond Engineer62013.09.15In Reserve
maksym naumovSecond Engineer72010.10.04In Reserve
Andrii GrygoretsSecond Engineer>1015,12.2017On Board
Aleksandr SavchenkoSecond Engineer613.01.2016In Reserve
Yevgeniy PotapkinSecond Engineer-unknownIn Reserve
SABAR NAPITUPULU NAPITUPULUSecond Engineer32008.12.25In Reserve
ahmed abbasSecond Engineer-01102007In Reserve
Serhii PonedilkoSecond Engineer-unknownIn Reserve
Nikolay MenshikovSecond Engineer42009.05.25In Reserve

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