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namerankexperienceReady to job fromStatus
Oleksandr ZamaraievCadet-2021.05.25In Reserve
Denis ZhenilovCadet-2021.05.25In Reserve
Vadym ShestovCadet-2014.05.01In Reserve
Roman PysarenkoCadet32018.10.01In Reserve
Benedict AggreyCadet-unknownIn Reserve
Vadym SiroshenkoCadet120.04.2018In Reserve
Gor GrygoryanCadet-2008.11.15In Reserve
dmitriy KaygorodovCadet-05.12.05In Reserve
THOMAS PARINDINGANCadet-2004.10.30In Reserve
Aleksandr KryshniyCadet-2008.09.25In Reserve
Sergiy VladimirovychCadet-2010.04.01In Reserve
Alexandr ProtasovCadet-2009.05.30In Reserve
Pavel StetsenkoCadet-2009.11.20In Reserve
M MeCadet-2007.11.01In Reserve
Nikolay SmilianinCadet-2010.04.20In Reserve
Vitalii GrebeniukCadet-unknownIn Reserve
Andrey LimanskiyCadet-unknownIn Reserve
Vadim YefanovCadet-11.02.2011In Reserve
MAREK METSCadet-2011.07.01In Reserve
amos emmanuelCadet-2011/09/30In Reserve
Emil SeyitmambetovCadet-unknownIn Reserve
Andriy PiliyevCadet-1.09.2011In Reserve
Vitalii GuseinovCadet108.09.2011In Reserve
German OlegovichCadet-unknownIn Reserve
IQBAL KHANCadet-unknownIn Reserve
Lukasz KciukCadet-2012.01.01In Reserve
Fedor GorshkovCadet-unknownIn Reserve
Artur RafikovCadet-2012.04.09In Reserve
Daria BerezovskayaCadet12012,05,01In Reserve
Vyacheslav StokolosCadet42012.05.01In Reserve
Andreev AlexandrovichCadet-13In Reserve
OLEKSII PEREBOIEVCadet-15.06.2012In Reserve
Sergiy SerdyukovCadet-2012.07.20In Reserve
ANDRII KADETSKYICadet-2012.07.15In Reserve
Ali AhammedCadet-2013.03.01In Reserve
bartosz staniszCadet12013.04.01In Reserve
Eduard BoichukCadet-2013.06.04In Reserve
Oleksandr ZhuzhaCadet-2014.06.01On Board
Levan Ubiria UbiriaCadet-07.01.90In Reserve
Vladyslav MyrzaCadet-2015.04.01In Reserve

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