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namerankexperienceReady to job fromStatus
Roman KiashkoThird Officer42008.11.15In Reserve
HISHEBA MCKENZIEThird Officer-2009.02.01In Reserve
Daniil TerletskiyThird Officer-2008.06.12In Reserve
Yevgen KramchaninovThird Officer12009.02.01In Reserve
Mikhail YurchikovThird Officer-may 2009In Reserve
Sergiy ArnautThird Officer-ASAPIn Reserve
Pavel EshtakovThird Officer22009.02.15In Reserve
Serhiy KorepinThird Officer-16.jan.2009In Reserve
Yuriy BykovThird Officer62009.02.01In Reserve
Igor AsaulyukThird Officer72009.01.25In Reserve
Sergiy LyalinThird Officer-2009.01.10In Reserve
Sergiy ShpynyovThird Officer12009.01.15On Board
Syed NasirThird Officer-2009.01.01In Reserve
Igor YaskoThird Officer-2009.01.16In Reserve
Yevgeniy BokovThird Officer92009.02.13In Reserve
OLEKSIY POSTThird Officer32009.05.10In Reserve
Stanislav MalichkovychThird Officer22009.03.01In Reserve
Yuriy DunasThird Officer12009.03.23In Reserve
IHOR REZNICHENKOThird Officer22009.04.01In Reserve
Sergiy SlonkovThird Officer42010.02.01In Reserve
Ivan IlyushchenkoThird Officer-2009.03.18In Reserve
Sergiy GatsulaThird Officer12009.05.01In Reserve
Dmitry YafanovThird Officer62009.04.30In Reserve
Oleksiy SukhorebryThird Officer62009.05In Reserve
Denis StarodubtsevThird Officer-2009.04.27In Reserve
Sergey DakhanovThird Officer12009.04.28In Reserve
Yevgen MuratovThird Officer32009.05.26In Reserve
Aleksander PodobaThird Officer22009.05.27In Reserve
maksym chynenkoThird Officer62009.06.08In Reserve
Nesvit DmytroThird Officer-2009.07.20In Reserve
Oleg DobrovThird Officer22009.09.01In Reserve
Andrey ShchebetykThird Officer-2009.10.26In Reserve
Semen DyakovThird Officer6unknownIn Reserve
Igor SokolovThird Officer42009.09.01In Reserve
stanislav kozhukharThird Officer-unknownIn Reserve
Vasyl GoriunenkoThird Officer22009.09.05In Reserve
Andrey ErmoshinThird Officer22009.10.01In Reserve
Pavel KhaindravaThird Officer-2010.02.15In Reserve
Leonid SiryakThird Officer12009.10.05In Reserve
Sergey MakarenkoThird Officer32009.10.15In Reserve

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