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namerankexperienceReady to job fromStatus
Sergey ShynkoThird Officer322.02.08.In Reserve
Igor YablokovThird Officer301.02.2009In Reserve
George GoguadzeThird Officer4unknownIn Reserve
RUSLAN GULEMPINCHENKOThird Officer1unknownIn Reserve
Maksym KovalenkoThird Officer-2008.02.22In Reserve
Sergey OnegovThird Officer12008.09.20In Reserve
Denys PodluzhnyThird Officer-2009.09.01On Board
Oleksiy YankovskyyThird Officer-2008.07.05In Reserve
Oleksiy KhrenovThird Officer-21.03.2008In Reserve
Oleksiy BurlachenkoThird Officer1unknownIn Reserve
Valeriy PanovThird Officer32008.06.01In Reserve
Artem InozemtsevThird Officer12008.04.28In Reserve
SERGIY BOKHANOVThird Officer325.11.2008In Reserve
RATI GIORGADZEThird Officer420.11.2009In Reserve
misha chetvyorkinThird Officer-01.06.2008In Reserve
Oleksandr DemchyshynThird Officer1August 2008In Reserve
Oleg VinnychenkoThird Officer-01.08.2009In Reserve
Daniil OlivaThird Officer32008.06.20In Reserve
Vitaliy TovstyukThird Officer2unknownIn Reserve
Yuriy KondratevThird Officer-2008.08.01In Reserve
DENYS BARYATYNSKYThird Officer320-30.07.2008In Reserve
Vladyslav KotolupThird Officer1unknownOn Board
Stankevich MaximThird Officer-2008.10.01In Reserve
Sergiy BigichThird Officer-unknownIn Reserve
ANDRIY HERASHCHENKOThird Officer2unknownIn Reserve
Volodymyr StavnichyThird Officer42008.09.15In Reserve
Kyrylo POLISHCHUKThird Officer-10.09.2008In Reserve
Sergey DudnykThird Officer52008.08.07In Reserve
Petrenko HeorhiyThird Officer-unknownIn Reserve
Dmitry TolstunovThird Officer-unknownIn Reserve
Yuriy DatsenkoThird Officer22008.08.27In Reserve
Denys DzyurkoThird Officer-2008.10.25In Reserve
Olexiy ZhuravlyovThird Officer2unknownIn Reserve
Maksym KasyanovThird Officer-2008.09.07In Reserve
Maksym GavrylyukThird Officer-2008.11.01In Reserve
Vitaliy ShtankoThird Officer-2008.09.25In Reserve
Sergiy IgnatenkoThird Officer72008.09.20In Reserve
Stepan StanchevThird Officer2unknownOn Board
Denys KuleshovThird Officer-12.05.2011In Reserve
Roman KiashkoThird Officer42008.11.15In Reserve

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