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namerankexperienceReady to job fromStatus
Ruslan UsikovThird Officer72014.02.25On Board
Ivan RadosevicThird Officer-2019-06-01In Reserve
Evgeny ZeleninThird Officer92019-03-17In Reserve
Vyacheslav TyumentsevThird Officer42019-01-18In Reserve
EREKLE GUJABIDZEThird Officer225.10.2018In Reserve
Pavel KolbasichThird Officer>102013.09.25In Reserve
Getman DenysThird Officer416.12.2010In Reserve
Yevgeny PolyanskyThird Officer501/09/2017In Reserve
Alexander MarkovThird Officer42008.07.01In Reserve
Viktor TseporindaThird Officer32007.11.07In Reserve
Roman KobzarThird Officer-2016.09.01In Reserve
CRISTIAN PETRACHEThird Officer-2011/02.25In Reserve
Kirill TsybrenkiThird Officer-1992.12.14In Reserve
Vitaliy KharchenkoThird Officer22009.09.01In Reserve
Oleksandr MykhaylovskyThird Officer52009.06.11On Board
sergey tamchiThird Officer12015.04.01In Reserve
Anatoliy DymchenkoThird Officer711.11.2015In Reserve
Stanislav KyrenkoThird Officer62018.05.30In Reserve
MEGHDAD MOGHADDASThird Officer-2007.10.10In Reserve
Gela LezhavaThird Officer-2018-04-01In Reserve
Roman KulynychThird Officer22003.07.07In Reserve
Oleksandr SerbinThird Officer12007.09.01In Reserve
Vitalij VoskresenskijThird Officer12007.05.15In Reserve
Oleksiy PlotnikovThird Officer42008.05.16.In Reserve
Yuriy OskirkoThird Officer52009.07.01In Reserve
Oleksandr BoyalskyThird Officer2unknownIn Reserve
Denys KerovThird Officer1unknownIn Reserve
Oleksii ChernovThird Officer22008.11.03In Reserve
Olga PikulaThird Officer12009.04.01In Reserve
Sergey ZhuravlevThird Officer22009.06.01In Reserve
Koval VThird Officer-2007.05.30In Reserve
Gena NavoyenkoThird Officer-2004.06.27In Reserve
Aleksandr FiodorovThird Officer1unknownIn Reserve
Oleh ShvetsThird Officer-2009.11.15In Reserve
oleg GELETAThird Officer12010.02.15In Reserve
Tamaz MikeladzeThird Officer2unknownIn Reserve
Mihai MisacaThird Officer-2005.09.01In Reserve
Rismon RobyThird Officer3unknownIn Reserve
Oleg CherkashynThird Officer-14In Reserve
Edgardo AndaluzThird Officer-unknownIn Reserve

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