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namerankexperienceReady to job fromStatus
ANDI SYAHSecond Officer32021.01.01 - 2022.12.06In Reserve
Sergiy MorozSecond Officer22014.07.14In Reserve
Oleksandr BarabashSecond Officer32016.04.10In Reserve
Grygoriy SologubovSecond Officer62016.03.01In Reserve
Mindia VarshanidzeSecond Officer102018.12.25In Reserve
Ruslan ShlyominSecond Officer52020-06-15In Reserve
Anton GorlachevSecond Officer-2019-07-10In Reserve
Oleg KatayevSecond Officer12013.09.04In Reserve
Eduard FedorenkoSecond Officer-2009.11.05In Reserve
Oleksii GolinskyiSecond Officer-2009.09.30In Reserve
Volodymyr ShylykSecond Officer42008.04.28In Reserve
Oleksiy SkurenokSecond Officer32009.07.25In Reserve
Ruslan MelnykSecond Officer32007.02.01In Reserve
DMYTRO BULGAKOVSecond Officer42012.12.03In Reserve
Semen VinterSecond Officer32008.10.01In Reserve
Oleksandr OrlovSecond Officer22006.07.06In Reserve
Denys KochedykovSecond Officer42018.06.01In Reserve
Vuacheslav KulinichSecond Officer-unknownOn Board
Yuriy MagomedovSecond Officer>102020.04.06In Reserve
Jemal KhimshiashviliSecond Officer-2019-10-10In Reserve
Vitalii Verbyts\'kyiSecond Officer62020.03.01In Reserve
Ruslan BezlerSecond Officer-2020-02-17In Reserve
Stas LeonidovSecond Officer>102013.11.25In Reserve
Masulin BedruraiSecond Officer42008.04.01In Reserve
Vasyl DovbanyukSecond Officer62019-07-03In Reserve
Kostiantyn ChernSecond Officer-ASAPIn Reserve
Ievgen FeklistovSecond Officer62019-10-11In Reserve
Liselle EspinozaSecond Officer-2019-10-18In Reserve
Oleksandr PodobaSecond Officer52019.10.01In Reserve
Volodymyr ShevchenkoSecond Officer>102019.09.09In Reserve
Rodionov OleksandrSecond Officer-20.08.2019In Reserve
Wendhy NadeakSecond Officer-unknownIn Reserve
Gerasymenko OleksandrSecond Officer62018-11-01In Reserve
Sergiy SpirenkovSecond Officer62019.04.26In Reserve
ANDRII IALYMOVSecond Officer-2019.07.20In Reserve
Denis BorshchevskySecond Officer22019-02-01In Reserve
Kostiantyn KravchenkoSecond Officer22018.10.28In Reserve
Roman MiroshnychenkoSecond Officer>1020.02.2019In Reserve
Valery DolnakovSecond Officer-2004.02.23In Reserve
Vitaliy BoykoSecond Officer62018.03.15In Reserve

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