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namerankexperienceReady to job fromStatus
Oleksandr KomarovFitter72012.10.10In Reserve
Andrey SibilevFitter>1002.02.2016In Reserve
Benjamin TettehFitter-unknownIn Reserve
Suheru SuheruFitter52007.08.12In Reserve
Volodymyr MorozovFitter9535In Reserve
igor kurenkovFitter82013.08.15In Reserve
Oleg ZaichenkoFitter>102005.01.01In Reserve
Yevgen ChumachenkoFitter12009.11.26In Reserve
sunilkumar bhaskaranFitter-2007-july-15In Reserve
Aleksandr PyetrukFitter62009.01.05In Reserve
Milen FerdovFitter-2011.11.30In Reserve
Igor FolominFitter72010.12.24.In Reserve
Andrey KondratenkoFitter-2008.11.01In Reserve
Sergii KamenievFitter3anytimeIn Reserve
Aleksandr PugachovFitter915.11.2010On Board
SERGEY YATSYSHYNFitter201.11.2012In Reserve
Anatoliy SiminenkoFitter1unknownIn Reserve
oleg lyamzinFitter-unknownIn Reserve
Oleksandr KorshunovFitter-2011.10.01In Reserve
Andriy IolovFitter52012.02.10In Reserve
Aleksandr SkidanovFitter52012.09.03In Reserve
Oleg KravchenkoFitter-unknownIn Reserve
Aleksandr PermyakovFitter1unknownIn Reserve
Edgar AbelidoFitter-11.01.2008In Reserve
Volodymyr KnyazFitter102008.12.01In Reserve
Alexandr PiskarevFitter-unknownIn Reserve
Misha SukhonosFitter22006.10.01In Reserve
Andriy YastrebovFitter52008.07.25In Reserve
Igor KopeinFitter5unknownIn Reserve
Oleksandr GrebeshkovFitter4unknownIn Reserve
Daniil KulazhinFitter4nowIn Reserve
Volodymyr MasokhinFitter62007.12.06In Reserve
Konstantin SavinFitter-2008.01.20In Reserve
KYRYL KISELOVFitter22008.03.01In Reserve
Sergiy KovgunovFitter-unknownIn Reserve
Valeriy GarbovskyyFitter102008.12.01In Reserve
Andriy AleksandrovichFitter-2008.12.10In Reserve
Ihor HaranFitter-unknownOn Board
Denys NemchenkoFitter6unknownIn Reserve
Aleksandr PugachovFitter72009.05.20.On Board

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