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staff of seafarers : O.S. Seaman
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namerankexperienceReady to job fromStatus
GEORGESON AGBOLOSUO.S. Seaman52011.08.01In Reserve
ramandeep singhO.S. Seaman-1/1/2008In Reserve
Oleksandr LinkovO.S. Seaman12009.08.18In Reserve
Sergii KondratenkovO.S. Seaman-2014.09.01In Reserve
Jonathan BitoyO.S. Seaman12008.07.07In Reserve
Oleksii KyrylovO.S. Seaman-2010.03.01In Reserve
Artem DudnikO.S. Seaman-2015.07.01In Reserve
Roipati Sitepu SitepuO.S. Seaman82017.06.19In Reserve
Rawi MunasirO.S. Seaman-2005.01.01In Reserve
POORNACHANDRAN DO.S. Seaman-unknownIn Reserve
MARVIN LICLICANO.S. Seaman-unknownIn Reserve
DENIS BONCILAO.S. Seaman-2003.07.14In Reserve
Cirilo TorrefrancaO.S. Seaman-unknownIn Reserve
Samantha JayawardenaO.S. Seaman-2006.11.01In Reserve
yakubu mohammedO.S. Seaman-2007.05.10In Reserve
Andriy FilipchenkoO.S. Seaman-2008.03.30In Reserve
Igor SukhinO.S. Seaman-2009.06.01In Reserve
Davit JincharadzeO.S. Seaman-unknownIn Reserve
FRANCIS DONKOHO.S. Seaman-unknownIn Reserve
Vladyslav LesnevskiyO.S. Seaman-2010.08.24In Reserve
Vitalij ChupalovO.S. Seaman-2004.01.25In Reserve
Viktor SamoylovO.S. Seaman-2011.15.03In Reserve
Yevgeny MomotO.S. Seaman22006.08.05In Reserve
YURIY BOYKOO.S. Seaman220/04/20011In Reserve
Yuriy PlatonovO.S. Seaman32010.03.03In Reserve
illia lonskyiO.S. Seaman-unknownIn Reserve
YURIY BELYAKOVO.S. Seaman12010.01.10In Reserve
Rodion KharytonenkoO.S. Seaman-2014.01.01In Reserve
Andriy SmyrnovO.S. Seaman6unknownIn Reserve
Yevgeny MomotO.S. Seaman-2009.03.01In Reserve
GAURAV KUMARO.S. Seaman-2010.12.10In Reserve
ZUYEV YURIYOVICHO.S. Seaman22012.02.28In Reserve
Dmitrijs HaikinsO.S. Seaman-2012.02.22In Reserve
Stanislav VasyliukO.S. Seaman-2015.04.10In Reserve
ANDREY NIKOLAEVICHO.S. Seaman12013.04.09In Reserve
Taras DrozdovO.S. Seaman22014.07.29In Reserve
Igor MartyniukO.S. Seaman32013.03.19In Reserve
Oleksii LushchaiO.S. Seaman-01.08.2011In Reserve
Anton YemelyanovO.S. Seaman-2013.09.29On Board
Oleksiy ShabanevychO.S. Seaman22011.03.01In Reserve

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