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staff of seafarers : A.B. Seaman
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namerankexperienceReady to job fromStatus
RaJpaL KumAwatA.B. Seaman-unknownIn Reserve
Maksym PanchukA.B. Seaman-2012.06.01In Reserve
Yan ThetA.B. Seaman-2008.02.17In Reserve
Oleksandr PletnyovA.B. Seaman-04.06.90In Reserve
Aleksey KolupailoA.B. Seaman-unknownIn Reserve
TAUFIQ MUHAMMADA.B. Seaman-2012.06.07In Reserve
samodro samodroA.B. Seaman-2011.02.04In Reserve
JOHN AIDOOA.B. Seaman-unknownIn Reserve
Jonathan AmesimekuA.B. Seaman-unknownIn Reserve
Felix DokuA.B. Seaman-unknownIn Reserve
Harbel AmaldeyA.B. Seaman-unknownIn Reserve
Daniel AdjorloloA.B. Seaman-unknownIn Reserve
Dmytro GadiatskyiA.B. Seaman52019-02-04In Reserve
Dmytro MorozovA.B. Seaman-01.05.2017In Reserve
Aleksandr GoldinA.B. Seaman-12.06.2017In Reserve
Indra Perwira wiraA.B. Seaman-2017.06.06In Reserve
Maxim BelyaevA.B. Seaman-2017.09.01On Board
Oleksandr GordyiA.B. Seaman-2018.01.12In Reserve
HAMAD HAMADA.B. Seaman-unknownIn Reserve
Murat BoztasA.B. Seaman52018-07-30In Reserve
Petro NazarenkoA.B. Seaman-2009.05.29In Reserve
Viacheslav DavydovA.B. Seaman2unknownIn Reserve
Igor VlashchytskyA.B. Seaman-2016. 01. 20.In Reserve
Roman ShevchenkoA.B. Seaman62009.09.23In Reserve
Kubilay DoganA.B. Seaman-01.01.2017In Reserve
Ruslan SorokovoyA.B. Seaman-2009.12.08In Reserve
Aleksandr IaniA.B. Seaman12011.09.15In Reserve
khoirul lumA.B. Seaman-2011.O7.15In Reserve
Volodymyr SarafanyukA.B. Seaman22009.01.05In Reserve
Leonids BerzinskisA.B. Seaman22008.10.01In Reserve
Yevgen KhlyebnikovA.B. Seaman52011.10.28In Reserve
Vyacheslav LitvinenkoA.B. Seaman-2008.11.30In Reserve
Jurick FalcunitinA.B. Seaman-2008.03.25In Reserve
aleksandr nakidnyevA.B. Seaman-2008.06.17In Reserve
dipak mahatoA.B. Seaman32008.08.01In Reserve
Danny EwingA.B. Seaman-2008/08/01In Reserve
Vitaliy DolinskyyA.B. Seaman52008.10.20In Reserve
Vasyl PirozhokA.B. Seaman-01.01.2009In Reserve
Alexander BokarevA.B. Seaman42004.02.10In Reserve
Artem TykhomyrovA.B. Seaman22007.07.16In Reserve

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