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staff of seafarers : Boatswain
Anton Dmytriiev
Third Engineer
Ukraine, Kherson, Pr. 200 of Kherson, Building 2, 26-120...
    ID: 36886
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namerankexperienceReady to job fromStatus
Mykhaylo DalakovBoatswain52017.12.01In Reserve
Oleg TeleshevBoatswain102018-12-15In Reserve
MIROSHNIK RUSLANBoatswain-2014.06.10In Reserve
Александр ПечакBoatswain-2018-07-05In Reserve
Igor ZhuryanBoatswain-unknownIn Reserve
Anatoliy KachurovskyBoatswain715-Jan-2009In Reserve
Borys DenismanBoatswain62009.04.05In Reserve
Mykola VorontsovBoatswain928.05.2013In Reserve
Maksym LogvynovBoatswain>102015.10.10In Reserve
Viktor TorovBoatswain-01.12.2006In Reserve
Yaroslav FurchakBoatswain102011.08.01In Reserve
bineet sajgotraBoatswain-2011.08.01In Reserve
Igor KopetskyyBoatswain-unknownIn Reserve
Mykola KhistevBoatswain22013.03.01In Reserve
Olexandr FirsovBoatswain5I am ready any timeIn Reserve
Adam PopachBoatswain42011.08.25In Reserve
Igor VerenychBoatswain415.12.2011In Reserve
Makhach OmarovBoatswain-2012.01.15In Reserve
Yuriy NemichBoatswain32012.02.01In Reserve
Andriy DesyatkinBoatswain42015.02.01In Reserve
Mihkail GonokhovBoatswain6unknownIn Reserve
BARANOV VITALIYBoatswain-unknownIn Reserve
Andrejs RozitsBoatswain-unknownIn Reserve
Andriy IsaakBoatswain-2004.10.01In Reserve
Vyacheslav KozulenkoBoatswain5unknownOn Board
Viktor PoradunBoatswain-10.02.06In Reserve
Volodymyr TroyanBoatswain62006.05.30In Reserve
Vladymyr TimoninBoatswain62006.11.01In Reserve
ION MIHAIUBoatswain9unknownIn Reserve
Yanaki OleksiyBoatswain7unknownIn Reserve
Sergey KheletiyBoatswain52007.01.10In Reserve
Sergiy LytvynenkoBoatswain102009.08.01On Board
Yaroslav FurchakBoatswain82007.09.05In Reserve
Igor VerenychBoatswain62009.10In Reserve
Ruslan GlavchyevBoatswain1015/11/2008In Reserve
Sergey AleksandrovBoatswain52007.10.10In Reserve
Volodymyr ShchekaturovBoatswain82007.11.01In Reserve
MERAB SURMANIDZEBoatswain-2007.12.07.In Reserve
Ruslan GlavchyevBoatswain-unknownIn Reserve
Sergey IvanovBoatswain-2008.01.10In Reserve

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