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staff of seafarers : Electro Engineer
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namerankexperienceReady to job fromStatus
Andriy MykhaylovElectro Engineer>102019-11-15In Reserve
Igor ShevchenkoElectro Engineer42013.12.26On Board
Vitalii SafronenkoElectro Engineer32015.01.15In Reserve
Viktor SivetsElectro Engineer92006.10.15In Reserve
Aleksandr TrafimovElectro Engineer5unknownIn Reserve
Kostyantyn TkachenkoElectro Engineer92014.07.12In Reserve
Kostyantyn SlipukhaElectro Engineer-01,03,In Reserve
Eric AdjeiElectro Engineer-unknownIn Reserve
Oliver GboglahElectro Engineer-unknownIn Reserve
Oleksandr MykhaylovElectro Engineer>10unknownOn Board
Oleg MarakovElectro Engineer72019-03-01In Reserve
Igor BulgakovElectro Engineer-2019.08.01On Board
Gia DolidzeElectro Engineer>10unknownOn Board
Mikhail ArzamasovElectro Engineer52018-06-30In Reserve
VIKTOR LEVENKOElectro Engineer82014.10.01In Reserve
Dmitrii ProkopenkoElectro Engineer72018-03-25In Reserve
Vladyslav OnyschenkoElectro Engineer>10unknownIn Reserve
Achmad BongsoElectro Engineer-2018-11-02In Reserve
Andrii BarchukElectro Engineer-2018-11-07In Reserve
Oleksander PapstelElectro Engineer-unknownIn Reserve
Alexandr ToporElectro Engineer92017.11.01In Reserve
Ruslan AndriyenkoElectro Engineer22018.08.09In Reserve
Andrii MarukhnenkoElectro Engineer>1005.10.2018In Reserve
Lyubarskyy HennadiyElectro Engineer82014.06.01In Reserve
Igor SalyElectro Engineer62008.03.10In Reserve
david dolidzeElectro Engineer-2012.05.01In Reserve
Aleksandr VorstElectro Engineer42009.01.17In Reserve
Sergey SaykoElectro Engineer-2002.09.14In Reserve
Oleksandr KhrebtovElectro Engineer72015.03.15In Reserve
Viktor SamoylyukElectro Engineer92009.06.10In Reserve
Serhii ZaikinElectro Engineer62008.02.15In Reserve
Alexander TonkiyElectro Engineer82010.01.25In Reserve
Mazur MykolaElectro Engineer5unknownIn Reserve
Danylo StarkovElectro Engineer42007.02.01In Reserve
Vadym MakhatchykElectro Engineer92011.08.21In Reserve
Oleksii VolkovElectro Engineer412.05.2008In Reserve
Zoran VasicElectro Engineer32004.04.28In Reserve
MYKHAYLO BONDAREVElectro Engineer92008.10.01In Reserve
Stas MarkovElectro Engineer-unknownIn Reserve
Oleksiy PysankaElectro Engineer-2012.12.02In Reserve

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