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namerankexperienceReady to job fromStatus
Oleksandr BalandinMaster42013.03.01In Reserve
Yuriy ChepasovMaster-2011 05 of NovIn Reserve
Oleksandr MoiseyevMaster6unknownIn Reserve
Oleg KuzminMaster5unknownIn Reserve
Aleksey ZatylkinMaster-2012.01.05In Reserve
ISIDRO RAVELOMaster-2011.12.15In Reserve
Vitaliy ShyrochenkoMaster-unknownIn Reserve
Sergiy TrapeznykovMaster3unknownIn Reserve
Valery BubenkoMaster-2012.02.03In Reserve
viktor SytnykMaster42012.02.10In Reserve
viktor SytnykMaster42012.02.10In Reserve
Oleh KartashevMaster62012.02.20In Reserve
ANDRIY SHAKHOVMaster-05.03.12In Reserve
Denis EpiktetovMaster>102012.10.20In Reserve
Viktor LysenkoMaster510.08.2012In Reserve
bashar alsaeidMaster-2012.06.30In Reserve
Volodymyr VytnovMaster8NowIn Reserve
Petr ManulevichMaster82015.10.01In Reserve
Sergiy SavytskyMaster62014.09.30In Reserve
Alexey MasalitinovMaster72013.03.01In Reserve
Sergiy NikolskyMaster72013.11.01On Board
Ilya PulyaevskiyMaster62013.10.07In Reserve
Lamberto BautistaMaster7Anytime from April 2013In Reserve
Georgy BiryuchenkoMaster-2013.03.22In Reserve
Viktor KuzminskyMaster62016.05.01In Reserve
Oleksandr SemenovMaster-2014.03.01In Reserve
Yury MedovMaster530.11.2013In Reserve
Serhii FedchunMaster52013.11.08In Reserve
Iurii KaufmanMaster72013.12.01In Reserve
Valeriy RyabovMaster-2014.07.10In Reserve
Viacheslav BabichevMaster-2014.11.10In Reserve
Oleksandr MakedonskyMaster82014.10.31In Reserve
Vadim KasatovMaster62015.05.07In Reserve
Aleksandr PetrovMaster-2018.09.08On Board
Serhii KarakashMaster-unknownIn Reserve
Mykhaylo BrylovMaster62016.09.01In Reserve
Sergiy SavchenkoMaster-2004.03.01On Board
Ivan MeshkovMaster>102012/11/15In Reserve
SERGIY KRYZHANOVSKYYMaster92006.12.01In Reserve
Oleksandr KarpenkoMaster8unknownIn Reserve

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