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namerankexperienceReady to job fromStatus
Alexander IvanovMaster>10unknownIn Reserve
Alexey MasalitinovMaster72013.03.01In Reserve
Sergiy NikolskyMaster72013.11.01On Board
Pavlo ButurlakinMaster72013.09.05On Board
Yuriy IvanovichMaster42010-09-01In Reserve
ANATOLIY ALIFIROVETSMaster>102012.03.01In Reserve
Mars SadykovMaster102010.09.14On Board
Oleg KavunMaster72010.10.01On Board
Vladimir MankovskyMaster102010.10.06In Reserve
Alexey BelskiyMaster-unknownIn Reserve
Viacheslav PatsuldaMaster52012.08.01In Reserve
Andriy SavenkoMaster817.12.2014In Reserve
Andrey GamayunovMaster4unknownOn Board
Volodymyr MatusMaster1unknownIn Reserve
Volodymyr KravchenkoMaster92010.12.10In Reserve
Antonov SergiyMaster92013.01.01In Reserve
Mykola GolubyevMaster62012.09.01On Board
YURY ISHUTINMaster32016.04.01In Reserve
Viktor KetovMaster42010.07.01In Reserve
Yurii VorobiovMaster42010.06.01In Reserve
Mykola ZamarayevMaster-unknownIn Reserve
Oleksandr BochalovskyMaster42011.10.15On Board
Oleksandr AlikinMaster62011.07.15On Board
BIROL GULTEKINMaster62014.07.1In Reserve
RAMAZ MIKELADZEMaster-01.02.2011In Reserve
Yury PostnovMaster9readyIn Reserve
Vladimir SopovMaster-2010.05.15In Reserve
YURIY SOLDATENKOVMaster92010.05.22In Reserve
DEXTER BARNESMaster-2010.06.01In Reserve
Igor PeshevychMaster8unknownOn Board
Dmytro KapuzaMaster52015.03.01In Reserve
Sergey SheferMaster72010.07.05In Reserve
Viktor TrufanovMaster>102014.09.25In Reserve
Nikolay ProskuryakovMaster-2010.07.07In Reserve
Muhammad RahimMaster-21.07.2010In Reserve
OLEKSANDR KHARKEVYCHMaster7unknownIn Reserve
OLEKSANDR BEVZYUKMaster>1001/10/10In Reserve
Oleksandr PavlutskyMaster-2010.10.20In Reserve
Oleksandr ShablevskyMaster-2012.08.01On Board
Valeriy ShelpakovMaster-unknownIn Reserve

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