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namerankexperienceReady to job fromStatus
Sergey VoloshinMaster10in reserveIn Reserve
Vasiliy MurzyukovMaster>102010.12.27In Reserve
Denys VovkMaster72010.02.01In Reserve
Volodymyr KonstantinovMaster62013.02.20In Reserve
Yevgen LozovoyMaster52010.04.10In Reserve
Vasyl StenderchukMaster92016.03.15In Reserve
Vladimir DozoretsMaster62011.02.10On Board
Oleg BondarevMaster72014.02.16In Reserve
IHOR ALEKSYEYEVMaster72013.09.15In Reserve
DMYTRO MOCHALOVMaster72013.06.01In Reserve
SERGIY ROZUMMaster72010.10.30In Reserve
Sergiy SurzhykovMaster>102012.10.15In Reserve
Oleksandr YermakovMaster62016.01.10In Reserve
Viktor VcherashnyukMaster102012.11.01In Reserve
Roman KovalenkoMaster42010.11.15In Reserve
Oleksandr SavchenkoMaster102011.09.25In Reserve
Volodymyr GaruliaMaster82014.02.15In Reserve
Oleksandr ShyrokovMaster>102013.10.01In Reserve
Sergiy FadyeyevMaster>102011.06.25In Reserve
Eduard RogovMaster82014.21.11In Reserve
Pavel ShaytanovMaster52008.06.25In Reserve
Mars SadykovMaster102010.09.14On Board
Andriy OnishchukMaster22011.10.25In Reserve
Irakli TakidzeMaster42013.03.01In Reserve
OLEG CHECHULINMaster-2007.07.19In Reserve
Vyacheslav BerdiyarovMaster-2010.03.15On Board
Evgeny VasilyevMaster>102012.02.15In Reserve
Mykola BezsmertnyMaster5Ready: 2013.10.17In Reserve
Oleksandr ProtsenkoMaster>102012.10.01In Reserve
Georgiy IgnatyevMaster52013.10.25In Reserve
Vadim KolesnychenkoMaster22010In Reserve
Roman NikolayevMaster92012-04-30In Reserve
VADYM NEDYELKOVMaster>102014.05.15On Board
Denys KaganovychMaster12012.12.20In Reserve
Naing ChitMaster2unknownIn Reserve
Andriy PastushenkoMaster72013.02.05In Reserve
Igor GumenyukMaster42008.01.20In Reserve
Gorbach LevMaster>102011.12.10In Reserve
VIKTOR KORYAKINMaster8nowIn Reserve
Aleksandr UkolovMaster62010.08.30In Reserve

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