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namerankexperienceReady to job fromStatus
VOLODYMYR KHYZHNYAKMaster32004.06.01In Reserve
Evgeny SkribetsMaster32004.07.28In Reserve
Andrzej RzepkaMaster72004.04.21In Reserve
Vasiliy ShevelevMaster82002.10.30In Reserve
Sergey PshegorskiyMaster42006.11.01In Reserve
MIKHAIL SOROKACHMaster32004.09.01In Reserve
Ruslan UymolaynenMaster6unknownIn Reserve
Andrey PonomarevMaster-2005.03.01In Reserve
Iskhat KurbangalievMaster42005.04.12In Reserve
DMYTRO LATYSHMaster-01.05.2009In Reserve
Vitalii ZagrebelnyiMaster-2013.01.15On Board
Vyacheslav StyrovMaster32006.07.15In Reserve
Yuriy TikhonovMaster62007.09.15In Reserve
Vladimir KalutskiyMaster501.10.2008In Reserve
Yuriy SmolyakovMaster>102012.03.01In Reserve
Vechislav KrivitskyMaster>10unknownOn Board
Aleksander KokhanovskiyMaster32008.02.27In Reserve
A l e k s a n d r Z i r n o vMaster>102008.05.06In Reserve
Oleg SukovMaster-2009.07.05In Reserve
Sergey BolshakovMaster62005.01.15In Reserve
Fjodors LivsicsMaster-2008.12.01On Board
Andrey YevdokimovMaster5unknownIn Reserve
IGOR GASANOVMaster1001/10/2013In Reserve
Vladimir GorokhovMaster42004.03.10In Reserve
Dmytro YemelyanovMaster42007.09.15In Reserve
VLADYMYR KRASNOVMaster92008.02.28In Reserve
Rossen DimovMaster82004.11.01In Reserve
Vladimir DemidovMaster-2006.06.25In Reserve
Ramiz HuseynovMaster-31.01.008In Reserve
VLADIMIR KABAYEVMaster-2007.12.01.In Reserve
Valeriy KondratyevMaster42011.02.01In Reserve
Georgiy NesterenkoMaster32008.10.01In Reserve
Viktor GusevMaster62018-07-10In Reserve
Petr RyabininMaster5unknownIn Reserve
Adam KurylowskiMaster-unknownIn Reserve
Nikolay ZhuravlevMaster82005.03.01In Reserve
Alexander YevpakMaster82008.07.15In Reserve
Vadim BelyshevMaster-2006.02.01In Reserve
LYSENKO VIKTORMaster32008.11.01In Reserve
Zygmund UndroMaster52006.07.01On Board

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