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namerankexperienceReady to job fromStatus
Yuriy ManzharovMaster-unknownIn Reserve
Alexandr Senyk Senyk-unknownIn Reserve
Aleksej SkocilovSecond Engineer6unknownIn Reserve
Volodymyr KOZIURAMaster620 April 2019On Board
Anton DmytriievThird Engineer>102019-02-04In Reserve
Oleg PovitkinSecond Engineer52019.03.25In Reserve
Andriy MykhaylovElectro Engineer>102019-11-15In Reserve
Igor PonomarenkoChief Engineer82020.01.15In Reserve
Oleksandr YerinovskyyChief Officer72019.05.15In Reserve
Oleksandr KiliienkoChief Engineer501.12.19On Board
Ivan RomashchenkoSecond Engineer>102016.07.01In Reserve
Oleg MalyshevMaster52017.09.10In Reserve
VIKTOR AKIMCHENKOVChief Engineer82018-11-28In Reserve
Vasil SargsyanMaster102012.04.01In Reserve
Vyacheslav SamuylovChief Officer102015.03.15In Reserve
Andriy KanubrikovSuperintendent>1010.01.2013In Reserve
VIACHESLAV VORONINMaster92012.03.20In Reserve
VADYM STARCHENKOElectrician12012.02.01In Reserve
Anatolii MarkinChief Engineer102011.01.10On Board
Oleksandr KomarovFitter72012.10.10In Reserve
Ruslan UsikovThird Officer72014.02.25On Board
Nikoloz EkaladzeThird Engineer102012.31..01In Reserve
Sergey TkachRefr. Engineer82011.12.22In Reserve
Igor ShevchenkoElectro Engineer42013.12.26On Board
Oleg BoyarinovChief Engineer>102016.04.05In Reserve
Sergiy PeredereyChief Engineer>102019.03.30In Reserve
Mindia VarshanidzeChief Officer82018.12.25In Reserve
Anatolii IastrubetckiiGas Engineer for LPG Career401.07.2014In Reserve
Stas LeonidovSecond Officer>102013.11.25In Reserve
Alexander UmarovMotorman-2019.11.12In Reserve
Jemal KhimshiashviliSecond Officer-2019-10-10In Reserve
Ivan UrankovskiyFourth Engineer52011.11.15In Reserve
Petro YagnychenkoFourth Engineer42011.08.11.In Reserve
Yevgen FedotovFourth Engineer22007.12.26In Reserve
Aleksandr GavrylyukFourth Engineer3unknownIn Reserve
Grygoryev YriyevichFourth Engineer4unknownIn Reserve
Mikheil MartirosyanFourth Engineer-unknownIn Reserve
SERGEY KHARCHENKOFourth Engineer-unknownIn Reserve
Masulin BedruraiSecond Officer42008.04.01In Reserve
Alexander NaryshevThird Officer-01.02.2007In Reserve
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