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namerankexperienceReady to job fromStatus
Yuriy ManzharovMaster-unknownIn Reserve
Alexandr Senyk Senyk-unknownIn Reserve
Aleksej SkocilovSecond Engineer6unknownIn Reserve
Oleg PovitkinSecond Engineer62019.12.01In Reserve
Volodymyr KOZIURAMaster620 April 2019On Board
Anton DmytriievThird Engineer>102019-02-04In Reserve
Andriy MykhaylovElectro Engineer>102019-11-15In Reserve
Igor PonomarenkoChief Engineer82020.01.15In Reserve
Oleksandr YerinovskyyChief Officer72019.05.15In Reserve
Oleksandr KiliienkoChief Engineer501.12.19On Board
Ivan RomashchenkoSecond Engineer>102016.07.01In Reserve
Oleg MalyshevMaster52017.09.10In Reserve
VIKTOR AKIMCHENKOVChief Engineer82018-11-28In Reserve
Ruslan UsikovThird Officer72014.02.25On Board
Vasil SargsyanMaster102012.04.01In Reserve
Nikoloz EkaladzeThird Engineer102012.31..01In Reserve
VIACHESLAV VORONINMaster92012.03.20In Reserve
Vyacheslav SamuylovChief Officer102015.03.15In Reserve
VADYM STARCHENKOElectrician12012.02.01In Reserve
Andriy KanubrikovSuperintendent>1010.01.2013In Reserve
Oleksandr KomarovFitter72012.10.10In Reserve
Anatolii MarkinChief Engineer102011.01.10On Board
Igor ShevchenkoElectro Engineer42013.12.26On Board
Sergey TkachRefr. Engineer82011.12.22In Reserve
Oleg BoyarinovChief Engineer>102016.04.05In Reserve
Rostyslav KorniyenkoChief Engineer>102020.01.30In Reserve
Ezekiel OforiThird Engineer-unknownIn Reserve
Vladimir BaydinMaster-2020-02-15In Reserve
Serjio SerjioThird Engineer32019-06-10In Reserve
Anatoly KornienkoMaster-2020-01-25In Reserve
Yurii KonovalovChief Officer-2020-01-20In Reserve
Viacheslav PatsuldaMaster52020.01.22In Reserve
Vladyslav HurevychThird Officer12020.02.01In Reserve
Miroslaw ZDOLSKIMaster-2020-01-18In Reserve
Dmitry Sav>102036-07-07On Board
Yevgen KozlovskyO.S. Seaman-2009.01.25In Reserve
Andrew UsmanovO.S. Seaman12009.08.13In Reserve
DANIEL ALELEYOiler-2010.04.22In Reserve
Mykola SavchenkoElectro Engineer72012.09.15In Reserve
Achmad BongsoElectro Engineer-2018-11-02In Reserve
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