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2000+ year build coasters (Dry cargo, Multi-purpose and Container fleet), dwt 3200-8000 (TEU <1000) of various Netherland Shipowners. Wages - negotiable. Duration of contracts are 10-13 weeks (subject to discuss). Rotation (for example 2 months on/2 months off) may be considered. CANDIDATES MUST HAVE: 1) EXPERIENCE IN RANK - AT LEAST 2 CONTRACTS. 2) EXPERIENCE WITH SHORT CREW (6-7 pers). 3) GOOD ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEVEL - BOTH WRITTEN AND SPOKEN. 4) FOR CHIEF ENGINERRS - CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCY AT LEAST - CE<3000 kW ADVANTAGE WILL BE GIVE TO CANDIDATES WITH VALID DUTCH DOCUMENTS. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE SET OF VALID DUTCH DOCUMENTS, PLEASE DO NOT HESISTATE TO SEND US YOUR CV, ATLAS SERVICES GROUP WILL CONSIDER POSSIBILITY TO ARRANGE IT FOR YOU.
    News of company:
    16-08-2011 16:35   /   Crew for offshore required / New Project of UK Owners
    Dear Sirs, For towage tug (UK Owners) , working in Iraq, We have vacancies for: 1) Masters (barge towing experience required). 2) Chief Officers (barge handling experience required) 3) Chief Engineers (experience as single engineer on small engines required) 4) Cooks (willing to work on deck as well). 5) Able Seamans (anchor handling experience required) Contract duration - 6 weeks on / 6 weeks off. Wage - subject of negotiation / experience. Candidates must have experience as required above and good English. If you ready for long-term permanent employment in Iraq watters, please send your application forms to

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